Amplify end-to-end processes with
enterprise-ready AI solutions

Automating away human errors within complex processes (like claims and underwriting) minimizes the organizational risks and costs preventing growth.
“I could not be happier with where we are right now. It's by far a net positive for us, and I don't see that journey really slowing down. (...) Being able to go from three and a half hours to 45 minutes while quality goes up is unbelievable.”
Byron Matthews
CEO @ Talent Inc.
“Nobody is doing what we’re doing with Multimodal, not even close."
Jim Beech
CEO @ Direct Mortgage Corp.
Carry out tasks like sorting policy details and analyzing risk assessments with exceptional accuracy.
Optimize business processes in different insurance domains, from personal insurance to complex commercial policies.
Efficiently process and analyze detailed risk data, enabling quicker risk assessments and enhanced policy management.

How It Works

Find out how AI agents work together to automate your insurance processes.
Step 1
Document AI precisely extracts the data you need from your documents, tailored to your specific requirements. We customize it to align with your insurance processes before implementation.
Enhance operational efficiency
Make claims processing simple
Reduce human error and inconsistencies
Step 2
Decision AI evaluates the extracted data, thoroughly analyzes it, and makes informed insurance claims decisions based on it.
Assess claims using a multitude of data points
Verify loan application authenticity
Improve the accuracy of claim evaluations
Step 3
Database AI instantly responds to employee and customer queries by accessing and interpreting data from your databases, such as past customer requests.
Provide employees and customers with rapid support
Quickly retrieve policy details, coverage specifics, and claim statuses
Make better decisions using information from insurance databases
Step 4
Conversational AI addresses queries from employees and customers by analyzing unstructured data from insurance documents, like claim details.
Deliver immediate, accurate responses to support queries
Free up your staff to focus on more demanding issues by automating routine inquiries
Quickly access practical insights from large amounts of unstructured data

Benefits of AI Automated Insurance Processes

Improve Customer Experiences

With 85% of customers saying speed is an important factor in their loyalty to a brand, speeding up your workflows is essential.

Boost Employee Productivity and Prevent Burnout

Burnout is increasingly common in insurance companies, as reported by 70% of in-person workers. Prevent burnout by automating routine insurance tasks.

Efficient Policy Administration

Automate policy administration tasks for quicker processing and improved accuracy.

Enhance Scalability Capabilities

Effortlessly handle growing numbers of policies, claims, and customer inquiries as your business grows.

Better Risk Evaluation

Improve risk evaluation by using AI to analyze hundreds of data points in seconds.

Speed Up Claims Settlement

Provide instant responses and 24/7 support to boost customer satisfaction and reduce wait times.

See Insurance Automation Live

See how AI Agents automate insurance workflows over a free 30-minute call.

AI Agents Improve Insurance Operations, Cut Costs, and Boost Revenue

See some of the outcomes obtained by our customers after incorporating AI Agents.
Faster time-to-approval
Cost reduction
Increase in revenue

Take Control of Your Insurance Workflow in 2 Months

Learn how you can automate your insurance workflows in 8 weeks. Schedule a call with our experts.


Will you need a lot of time to customize AI Agents for us?

No. We only need around eight weeks to customize and integrate AI Agents with your systems.

Is there anything you will need from us?

We will need to discuss your current workflow and desired outcomes. We will also need at least 10 sample documents you want us to train the AI Agents on.

Can AI Agents handle complex insurance claims?

Yes, our AI Agents are equipped to handle complex insurance claims by acting as insurance workflow software. They’re able to analyze vast amounts of data, including:
- Past claims
- Insurance industry trends
- Customer data

This helps insurance providers carry out faster claim processing and more accurate claim assessments.

How do AI Agents improve customer service in insurance?

AI Agents improve customer service by:
- Answering policy-related questions
- Assisting in policy selection
- Guiding customers through the claim filing process 24/7
- Providing instant responses and personalized support

How do AI Agents cater to different types of insurance policies?

Our AI Agents are versatile and can be customized for various types of insurance policies, including:
- Life Health
- Property
- Casualty

They adapt to each policy type's specific nuances and requirements, offering your insurance business a tailored experience.

Does insurance automation assist in risk assessment and policy pricing?

Yes, AI Agents play a crucial role in risk assessment and policy pricing. Using intelligent automation, they analyze a broad range of factors to determine accurate policy pricing.

Can insurance workflow automation software handle complex insurance sales processes?

Yes, insurance workflow automation software can handle complex insurance processes by automating:
- Customer onboarding
- Policy customization
- Pricing steps

This leads to more efficient sales cycles and helps insurance agents focus on building customer relationships.

How does insurance automation speed up claims processing?

Insurance automation significantly speeds up claims processing by using AI to automate data entry, evaluate claims based on predefined criteria, and triage claims based on complexity and urgency.

What role does AI play in regulatory compliance for insurance companies?

AI helps insurance companies maintain regulatory compliance by automatically updating systems in response to new regulations and conducting thorough compliance checks on all transactions.
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