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Implement Enterprise-Wide Automation With Multimodal AI Agents

Automate every aspect of your business with Generative AI Agents built for your enterprise.

Document AI

Trained on clients’ unique schema, this Custom AI Agent enables organizations to automatically classify, store, and extract data from documents in exactly the fields they need.
John Doe
Pay Stub
Total Pay
Net Pay
Federal Taxes
FICA - Medicare

Workflow AI

Enables automation of end-to-end workflows, including high-stakes processing and generation tasks. If needed, Workflow AI is given access to clients’ databases or the Internet and bolstered with additional capabilities.
Interest Rate
Joanna H.
U.S. Passport
Tax Returns
Pay Stub

Content AI

Empowers organizations to automatically create branded content tailored to their specific goals. Its exceptional versatility enables clients to generate any type of writing, from advertisements to books.
Multimodal's text classification boosts marketing analysis, driving data-led strategies for a competitive advantage. 🎯

Product AI

Helps organizations introduce innovative features into their products, automate customer support, and provide state-of-the-art user experience.
Chat Support
You're chatting with Matt
How can we help you today?
I was double charged for my order. Not sure what happened
We're so sorry about that. We'll refund you and give you 10% your order.
cost reduction per processed document
speed increase in internal operations
increase in user base
increase in revenue
Experienced AI Team

Get AI Agents Built for You In Just Two Months

Trying to customize AI in-house can be a costly and time-consuming process. Leave it to our expert team, and get your Custom AI Agents set up in just 6 to 8 weeks.
Weeks 0-2
Research & Development
Weeks 2-6
Weeks 5-6
Weeks 6-8

Custom Models

Powering our solutions are state-of-the-art Generative AI models trained for your use case and on your documents.

Examples: fine-tuned LLaMA 2, pretrained Cerebras models, GPT-4, Claude 2

Custom Agent Software

Custom agent software expands the capabilities of base models, enable more complex use cases, and catalyzes wider-scale automation.

Examples: claims processing, database retrieval, code review

Custom APIs

Custom APIs integrate AI Agents with your other systems, such as internal software or products, and let you achieve more with fewer tools.

Examples: integrations with CRMs, ERPs, apps, smart devices
Multimodal vs OpenAI

Custom Training, Personalized Approach & On-Going Support

See how we’re different from generic AI providers.
Multimodal AI Agents
OpenAI Models
Customized for your use case
Pre-trained on public web data
Fine-tuned on your data
Integrated with your other systems
SOTA models
On-going expert support
Data stored on a private, secure cloud


Generate, extract, or verify financial data with machine-like accuracy.


Ensure risk assessment accuracy and automate your claim processing workflow.


Automatically analyze the data you need to deliver great patient care.


Automate routine legal tasks and minimize oversights and errors.

Customer Support

Analyze, classify, and respond to customer inquiries or feedback in seconds.

Other Industries

Learn more about our other AI Agents or order a new solution for your industry.

Sales & Marketing

Generate personalized content for different brands without just one short prompt.

Work with Multimodal.

Find out how Multimodal can help you build custom large language models for your product.


What makes Custom AI Agents better than readily available AI?
Readily available solutions are prone to hallucinations (incorrect and biased outputs), have very limited capabilities, and give you little to no control over performance and your data. Our AI Agents achieve much higher accuracy, can handle more complex tasks (such as fetching data from your internal databases), better fit your use case, and keep your data safe.
Why are large language models better than traditional solutions?
LLMs are more context-aware, sophisticated, and flexible than old solutions, allowing you to easily use them for a variety of tasks and documents. They also learn on their own and only become smarter over time.
What if I don’t have a team who could maintain the model for me?
We provide optional ongoing support and maintenance.
Can your AI Agents be implemented for industries beyond those listed on your website?
Yes, they can be implemented in any industry. We're here to craft solutions for your unique requirements, whatever they may be.
With which systems can your AI Agents be integrated?
They can be integrated with any system, be it your internal systems like CRMs and ERPs or products like apps or smart devices.