SuperAutomation Platform for Complex Workflows

Automate 90% of middle and back office tasks, reduce costs by 80%, and make instant decisions with AI Agents.
Millions of people rely on intelligent decisions made by our automation platform.
AI Agents

AI Agents for SuperAutomation

Automate your most complex middle and back office functions. Our AI Agents solve them by mimicking how real, human employees work.

Document AI

Extracts & normalizes data
Classifies documents
Automates monotonous work

Decision AI

Analyzes & verifies data
Makes data-based decisions in seconds
Automates large chunks of your workflow

Database AI

Finds data for employees & customers in your databases
Returns data as natural-language responses
Boosts employee & customer support

Conversational AI

Finds data for employees & customers in your unstructured documents
Returns data as natural-language responses
Boosts employee & customer support

Content AI

Generate publication-ready content or in-house reports in minutes
Automatically adjust to any brand and purpose
Get perfect results from a single, simple prompt

What They're Saying

“I could not be happier with where we are right now. It's by far a net positive for us, and I don't see that journey really slowing down. (...) Being able to go from three and a half hours to 45 minutes while quality goes up is unbelievable.”
Byron Matthews
CEO @ Talent Inc.
“Nobody is doing what we’re doing with Multimodal, not even close."
Jim Beech
CEO @ Direct Mortgage Corp.
“We don't have to guess as much what customers are searching for because we have an AI piece to it as well.”
Remington Rawlings
Founder @ OneView
“Partnering with Multimodal allowed us to put together the next-generation barrier-breaking system we needed to overcome the obstacles we faced and start growing in a sustainable way.”
Tao Zhang
CTO and Co-Founder @ Caktus
cost reduction per processed document
speed increase in internal operations
increase in user base
increase in revenue

Our goal is simple:
eliminate complexity, so you can focus on driving your business forward.

client workflow automation
increase in client user base
decrease in cost
increase in revenue

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