Decision AI

Make automated decisions based on hundreds of data points.

Accelerate Decision-Making

Analyze internal and customer-submitted data to speed up your decision-making processes by 20x.

Boost Scalability

Scale your decision-making capabilities  as your business grows without having to expand your team.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Automatically tailor decisions to individual customer needs and preferences, increasing customer retention.

Increase Accuracy

Make data-based decisions with exceptional accuracy and no chance of human error.

Boost In-House Productivity

Automate complex decision-making processes so your team can move to more strategic roles.

Quickly Analyze Large Datasets

Make informed decisions by analyzing hundreds of data points at once.

Customer Statistics

Revenue increase
Decision AI helps companies make money by increasing their paid customer base and improving their product offerings.
Increase in client user base
On average, our clients gained 40x more users after integrating Decision AI into their systems.
Workflow automation
Decision AI helps clients automate 80-97% of their workflows. This is called SuperAutomation.

Use Cases

Automate your entire decision-making workflow with just one tool.

Report Generation

Decision AI generates reports that summarize its decision-making process.

Boost interpretability to follow regulatory compliance in industries like healthcare and finance.
Have a transparent view of how decisions were reached
Provide guided adjustments to the AI’s decision-making processes
Easily share key information with stakeholders

Data-Based Decisions

Manually analyzing data to make a decision is time-consuming and challenging.

Use Decision AI to make decisions in seconds and execute them automatically or wait for final approval.
Gain predictive insights like market trends and customer behaviors
Eliminate human errors
Automate decision-making processes for increased efficiency

Data Verification

Decision AI uses error detection algorithms to make accurate decisions.

These algorithms also ensure compliance by cross-referencing data with internal or official databases.
Boost data reliability by minimizing errors
Automatically check your data against compliance requirements
Catch data discrepancies early to prevent costly mistakes

Data Analysis

Decision AI analyzes hundreds of data points at once.

Make better decisions by quickly analyzing datasets such as current market conditions or customer data.
Find hidden insights from complex datasets to make better decisions
Predict future trends so your business can prepare accordingly
Drastically speed up your data analysis processes

Automate Complex Decisions With Accuracy

Discover what makes Decision AI different from generic solutions.

Latest Generative AI

We use large language models (LLMs) to help Decision AI mimic expert decision-making and understand natural language.

Custom Training

We train Decision AI on your data and documents to boost its company-specific knowledge - and ensure the best decisions for your business.

Multimodal Platform

With our platform, you can manage Decision AI through a chat interface, connect it with your databases, and maximize its value for your business.

See Decision AI Live

See how Decision AI automates knowledge tasks in a free 30 minute demo.


What industries has Decision AI been applied to successfully?

Decision AI has been successfully applied in the finance, healthcare, legal, real estate, and technology industries.

What results can we realistically expect from Decision AI?

On average, our clients see an 80% decrease in costs and a 300% increase in revenue.

How much automation can we realistically achieve with Decision AI?

Decision AI can automate roughly 80-97% of enterprise workflows, depending on the complexity and variance of data and tasks.

Can Decision AI integrate with existing data science workflows?

Yes, Decision AI seamlessly integrates with current data science workflows, letting data scientists automate complex analyses and provide useful insights that support decision-making processes.

What role does process automation play in Decision AI?

Process automation simplifies decision-making processes by automating the evaluation of data against set criteria. This reduces manual effort and speeds up your business operations.

How does Decision AI support decision-makers in an organization?

Decision AI provides decision-makers with actionable insights and accurate predictions, helping them make strategic business decisions with confidence. This is known as decision intelligence.

How does Decision AI ensure data security?

Decision AI incorporates robust data security measures to protect sensitive information during analysis, ensuring data management practices comply with industry standards and regulations.

How do AI algorithms contribute to Decision AI's effectiveness?

AI algorithms help Decision AI quickly identify relevant trends and insights by analyzing large datasets. They also allow Decision AI to improve its prediction accuracy over time by using machine learning. As a result, Decision AI will improve at dealing with complex decision-making processes.

How does Decision AI enhance data analysis for business decisions?

Decision AI uses machine learning for data analytics and accurate predictions to help businesses make better decisions. Businesses can also analyze hundreds of data points to gain insights that inform strategic decisions.

What advantages does Decision AI offer in terms of data management and security?

Decision AI ensures the highest standards of data management and security, using AI systems to safeguard sensitive data while processing and analyzing information. This leads to fewer errors and helps businesses manage their data efficiently.