Database AI

Use company databases to answer employee and customer queries and easily access in-house knowledge.

Enhance Accuracy

Quickly search your internal databases and other structured documents to accurately answer every query.

Keep Up With Competitors

Don’t fall behind competitors that already use automation tools to boost efficiency.

Optimize Resource Allocation

Move staff from repetitive support tasks to more strategic roles, improving their productivity and job satisfaction.

Minimize Wait Times

Provide customers and employees with personalized answers and insights 24/7.

Boost Scalability

Scale your support efforts without expanding your team.

Improve Decision-Making.

Gain valuable insights from structured data to make better business decisions.

Customer Statistics

Revenue increase
Database AI helps you make money by increasing paying customers and improving your products.
Increase in client user base
On average, clients gain 40x more users after integrating our AI Agents.
Workflow automation
Decision AI helps clients automate 80-97% of their workflows. We call this SuperAutomation.

Use Cases

Answer every query with one tool.

Customer Support

Deliver exceptional customer service with data-driven insights.

Database AI provides immediate access to customer histories and preferences from your databases for personalized support at scale.
Reduce wait times with instant access to relevant information
Resolve customer queries 20x quicker
Boost customer satisfaction by providing accurate answers

Data Retrieval

Efficiently extract valuable insights from structured documents.

Database AI accelerates your data retrieval workflows so you can make informed decisions faster.
Support real-time decision-making with instant data retrieval
Get meaningful insights from large datasets
Simplify compliance checks by extracting regulatory data

Employee Support

Provide your team with immediate answers.

Database AI interprets key datasets like market trends and operational metrics to answer their queries.
Make in-house knowledge easily accessible
Drastically speed up data searches
Enhance productivity by quickly answering employee queries

Data Access

Quickly access critical information from your databases.

Database AI provides customers and employees with relevant information in seconds.
Eliminate manual data search tasks
Speed up information retrieval to quickly resolve queries
Turn structured data into valuable insights

Provide Superior Customer and Employee Support

Discover what makes Database AI different from generic solutions.

Latest Generative AI

Database AI uses large language models (LLMs) to replicate human thinking skills and interpret natural language.

Custom Training

We train Database AI on your databases, letting you provide accurate answers to all customer and employee queries.

Multimodal Platform

With our platform, you can manage Database AI through a chat interface and maximize its value for your business.

See Database AI Live

See how you can accelerate your support and decision-making workflows in a 30-minute demo.


What is Database AI?

Database AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) agent that helps your staff and customers easily access and interpret data from your structured documents, such as databases, JSON files, and HTML documents. It can carry out tasks such as:

- Data structuring
- Data storage
- Data retrieval

This enables your business to efficiently handle complex queries and large volumes of data.

Can Database AI improve my machine learning projects?

Yes, Database AI significantly improves machine learning projects by providing access to large datasets and offering capabilities for complex queries. It supports machine learning models through efficient data retrieval and storage solutions.

How does Database AI ensure data security and privacy?

Database AI incorporates tight security measures and complies with privacy regulations to protect sensitive data. We can train it to automatically comply with any relevant-to-you regulations, such as GDPR and SOC 2.

We also deploy it on your private VPC to minimize the chances of data leakage and unauthorized access, providing you with more security than most providers. We’d be happy to chat more about different data privacy measures over a call.

How does Database AI support complex queries and data analysis?

Database AI can handle complex queries and perform in-depth data analysis thanks to advanced AI algorithms.

It can:

- Process and analyze large datasets 20x faster
- Identify patterns and correlations by using machine learning
- Extract meaningful insights by applying statistical and predictive techniques to data
- Support informed decision-making and strategic planning by turning data into easily understandable insights

Can Database AI process unstructured data?

No, Database AI can only process structured data, but Conversational AI can process unstructured data to answer customer and employee queries. This also means that Conversational AI can work with vector databases, which are mainly used to process unstructured data.