Automate 97% of Healthcare Reimbursement Processing

Maintain compliance while speeding up your reimbursement processing by 20x.
“I could not be happier with where we are right now. It's by far a net positive for us, and I don't see that journey really slowing down. (...) Being able to go from three and a half hours to 45 minutes while quality goes up is unbelievable.”
Byron Matthews
CEO @ Talent Inc.
“Nobody is doing what we’re doing with Multimodal, not even close."
Jim Beech
CEO @ Direct Mortgage Corp.

Boost Scalability

Handle larger volumes of reimbursements without having to expand your team.

Optimize Resource Allocation

Move your staff from repetitive claims processing tasks to more strategic roles, improving their productivity and job satisfaction.

Maintain Compliance

AI algorithms comply with HIPAA and ACA regulations to keep your healthcare business legal.

Lower Costs

Cut the time and money spent on routine reimbursement tasks by up to 97%.

Exceptional Accuracy

Process your reimbursements with no chance of human errors.

Keep Up With Competitors

Don’t fall behind competitors that are already using automation tools toincrease efficiency.

Customer Statistics

Cost reduction
We worked with Direct Mortgage Corp to automate their mortgage application process. Document AI now handles 200+ document types for them, reducing their costs by 80% per processed document.
Increase in client user base
On average, our clients gained 40x more users after integrating AI Agents into their systems.
Workflow automation
Our AI Agents help clients automate 80-97% of their workflows. This is called SuperAutomation.

Use Cases

See how AI automates your entire reimbursement processing workflow.

Automate Reimbursement Document Processing

Organize patient and billing data into unique-to-you fields from various reimbursement documents.

Document AI is trained to handle the exact documents you’re dealing with before it’s deployed.
Remove time-consuming manual entry tasks
Eliminate the chance of errors in data processing
Improve your reimbursement operations

Improve Reimbursement Decision Accuracy

Carefully compare and assess reimbursement requests against your policy conditions to make informed decisions.

Decision AI is trained on your reimbursement policies to help make decisions tailored to your goals.
Speed up the reimbursement evaluation process
Maintain strict compliance with healthcare policies and regulations
Minimize inaccurate reimbursement approvals or denials

Retrieve Key Information From Financial Records

Database AI retrieves financial records and reimbursement data upon requests from healthcare patients or staff.

It returns the data in a clear, conversational format.
Improve support for healthcare professionals and patients
Simplify the retrieval and storage of financial healthcare data
Get accurate financial insights to make better decisions

Better Financial Interaction and Support

Conversational AI and Database AI resolve inquiries from healthcare providers and patients using data from your databases.

They deliver the information through natural language responses.
Provide superior employee and client support
Analyze data faster than ever
Easily retain and access in-house knowledge

Comprehensive Reimbursement Processing Automation

See what separates our AI Agents from generic reimbursement solutions.

Latest Generative AI

Large language models (LLMs) are the brains behind our AI Agents. They help them replicate human thinking skills and understand natural language.

Custom LLM Training

We train our AI Agents on your documents and data, so they’re ready to handle your reimbursement tasks as soon as you adopt them.

Multimodal Platform

With our platform, you can manage AI Agents through a chat interface, connect them with your databases, and maximize their value for your business.

See Automated Reimbursement Processing in Action

Discover how you can automate your reimbursement processing in a 30-minute demo.


How do AI agents impact reimbursement processing in the healthcare industry?

AI changes healthcare reimbursement by automating complex processes like:

- Claim submission
- Verifying coverage
- Optimizing reimbursement rates

This leads to faster and more accurate reimbursement methods, improving the practice's financial health.

Can AI solutions improve accuracy in healthcare reimbursement?

Yes, AI solutions significantly improve accuracy in healthcare reimbursement. They:

- Reduce errors in submitting claims
- Follow healthcare coverage guidelines
- Verify the medical necessity of services rendered, which leads to fewer denied claims

How does AI assist healthcare providers in managing medical costs?

AI helps healthcare providers manage their medical costs by:

- Efficiently processing reimbursements
- Providing insights on cost-effective treatment plans
- Optimizing the fee-for-service model to ensure fair compensation for services provided

What impact does AI have on patient outcomes in the healthcare system?

AI impacts patient outcomes by simplifying reimbursement, allowing the health insurer to focus on delivering quality medical care rather than time-consuming administrative tasks. This leads to better healthcare services and improved patient satisfaction.

How accurate are Generative AI Agents when used for reimbursement processing?

Their advanced capability to comprehend human language plays a crucial role in helping a health insurance company with reimbursement processing.

How does AI help in reducing healthcare reimbursement rejections?

AI reduces healthcare reimbursement rejections by accurately processing medical claims data, ensuring compliance with health insurers' requirements, and identifying potential issues in claims before submission.

How do AI solutions benefit health insurance companies with reimbursement processing?

AI solutions automate the review and approval of claims, which enhances efficiency and accuracy. This leads to quicker payments to the healthcare provider, along with better management of insurance plans and healthcare costs.

What if I need more support?

We’re able to provide technical support on an ongoing basis. It consists of developing, optimizing, and resolving any issues that come up with your AI agent.

Can I see how automated reimbursement processing works before placing an order?

Yes, you can schedule a free demo here, and we will get back to you when we can.
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