Document AI

Automatically classify documents and extract data in your specified fields.

Optimize Resource Allocation

Move your staff from repetitive processing tasks to more strategic roles, improving their productivity and job satisfaction.

Keep Up With Competitors

Don’t fall behind your competitors who are already using automation tools for increased efficiency.

Handle Any Document Type

Process various types of documents like patient records, loan applications, insurance forms, and others.

Speed Up Document Processing

Extract and categorize data into your desired fields to process documents 20x faster.

Boost Scalability

Manage increasing volumes of documents as your business grows without compromising accuracy.

Enhance Accuracy

AI algorithms let you extract data with high accuracy and no chance of human errors.

Customer Statistics

Cost reduction
We worked with Direct Mortgage Corp to automate their mortgage application process. Document AI now handles 200+ document types for them, reducing their costs by 80% per processed document.
Increase in client user base
On average, our clients gained 40x more users after integrating AI Agents into their systems.
Workflow automation
Our AI Agents help clients automate 80-97% of their workflows. This is called SuperAutomation.

Use Cases

Handle your end-to-end document processing workflow with just one tool.

Data Extraction

Document AI is trained on your custom schema, letting you extract data automatically into your desired fields.

Fully eliminate manual processing by automating your data extraction workflows.
Eliminate manual data extraction
Increase data reliability through improved accuracy
Boost data extraction efficiency

Data Normalization

With one click, you can normalize all your data and make comparisons at a glance.

Quickly make informed decisions and easily integrate Document AI into your databases and other tools.
Standardize data formats for better consistency
Make data analysis simple with normalized data
Turn your data into actionable insights for market analytics

Document Classification

Document AI classifies documents according to any variable that matters, such as department, confidentiality level, or project.

Easily locate documents to save time on searches.
Simplify information retrieval
Quickly classify large volumes of documents
Tailor classification categories to match your requirements

Document & Data Management

As your business grows, the volume of documents and data you’ll need to manage will also increase.

Document AI lets you manage large volumes of documents and data with ease.
Manage and organize your documents with just one tool
Ensure all employees can easily access key documents
Handle growing volumes of documents without expanding your team

Automate Repetitive Tasks With Precision

Here’s what makes Document AI more accurate and efficient than generic solutions.

Latest Generative AI

We use large language models (LLMs) to power Document AI. This lets it replicate human thinking skills and understand natural language.

Custom Training

We train Document AI on your custom schema and workflow, so it automatically extracts the data you need into your desired fields.

Multimodal Platform

With our platform, you can manage Document AI through a chat interface, connect it with your databases, and maximize its value for your business.

See Document AI Live

See how Document AI works in a live demo and how we can implement it for you within 2 months.


What industries have successfully integrated Document AI?

Document AI has been successfully applied in the finance, healthcare, legal, real estate, and technology industries.

How flexible is Document AI? Can it be adapted if our needs change over time?

Absolutely. Document AI is highly flexible and can be easily retrained through additional data and customizations.

Can you provide customer case studies?

Yes. Please schedule a meeting and add a request to review our case studies.

How does Document AI extract data from documents?

Document AI uses advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology and machine learning algorithms to accurately extract text from a wide range of document types, including scanned images and PDFs. This lets it capture and process data from even the most complex layouts.

Machine learning also lets Document AI become more efficient at recognizing various data formats and extracting relevant information by learning from each interaction.

How does Document AI ensure the accuracy of data extraction and normalization across different document formats?

Document AI uses machine learning algorithms to accurately understand and interpret various formats. It also uses intelligent document processing (IDP) for Document AI tasks, where machine learning is used to extract and process data from various document types.

This ensures precise data extraction and normalization, regardless of the document's layout or complexity.

What role does training data play in optimizing Document AI for specific enterprise data?

Training data is crucial for customizing Document AI to your specific needs. By using examples from your documents, Document AI becomes fine-tuned to your workflow requirements, providing a tailored experience specific to your business and goals.

Can Document AI adapt to different document types for more efficient processing?

Yes, Document AI is designed to handle a wide range of document types, from business documents to complex legal contracts, using advanced document layout analysis for precise data extraction.