We help companies leverage Generative AI to automate their most complex workflows — workflows that require human-like thinking skills, company-specific knowledge, and extreme adaptability.

01: Challenge

Automating basic, standardized tasks is easy; it requires equally basic solutions. They follow simple rules, such as “if X, then Y.”

However, it isn’t easy to create templates for most of the tasks that companies do. Sometimes, it requires adapting to new circumstances, such as novel data, document formats, and goals. At other times, it requires considering multiple variables before moving on to the next step. At yet other times, it may require applying internal, company-specific knowledge, and so on.

This work needs human-level intelligence, expertise, and adaptability. Basic, one-size-fits-all solutions don't have these.

That’s why most companies get stuck with low-level automation. They automate only the most basic tasks, get low ROI, and experience zero benefits from the latest AI advancements.

02: Vision

We’ve made it our mission to help companies achieve a new, groundbreaking level of automation - automation that truly leverages artificial intelligence and does so to execute complex knowledge work instead of basic tasks.

We call this SuperAutomation. 

SuperAutomation focuses on automating previously non-automatable workflows – workflows that can’t be defined with simple rules but require human-like thinking to get done.

To make SuperAutomation possible, AI must deeply understand the workflow it’s assigned to, as well as how to properly tackle it (even when the answer is not obvious).

Our job is to help AI acquire that knowledge and become an almost fully autonomous knowledge worker.

03: Solution

What we do is similar to onboarding new employees. Here’s how we “onboard” AI Agents for each client:

• We train them for client-specific tasks. This aligns large language models (the brain behind our AI Agents) with client workflows.

• We integrate them with client data and documents. This ensures they’re working with the same internal knowledge as even the longest-standing employees.
After training, AI Agents can handle even the most complex workflows as well as the average employee. They can do so before clients adopt them. 

Moreover, we specifically design AI Agents to allow for further post-adoption improvement. This enables them to boost your team's capabilities, allowing for performance at a high level that complements the existing workforce.

Our AI Agents grow together with your business, constantly upgrading their skills while adapting to new challenges and tasks. We build them to last and offer more value over time.

Meet Our AI Agents

Document AI

Extracts & normalizes data
Classifies documents
Automates monotonous work
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Decision AI

Analyzes & verifies data
Makes data-based decisions in seconds
Automates large chunks of your workflow
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Database AI

Finds data for employees & customers in your databases
Returns data as natural-language responses
Boosts employee & customer support
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Conversational AI

Finds data for employees & customers in your unstructured documents
Returns data as natural-language responses
Boosts employee & customer support
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Content AI

Generate publication-ready content or in-house reports in minutes
Automatically adjust to any brand and purpose
Get perfect results from a single, simple prompt
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About Us

Our technical team consists of experienced NLP, ML, data, and MLOps engineers and researchers with prior experience founding advanced tech startups.

Our founder, Ankur Patel, has already founded and led several successful AI startups, including Glean AI and R-Squared Macro. He has extensive experience in natural language processing, unsupervised learning, data science, and finance.

Some of his accomplishments include working as the lead emerging markets sovereign credit trader for Bridgewater Associates and leading data science efforts for AI firm ThetaRay in NYC.
He also served as the vice president of data science at 7Park Data, which Vista Equity Partners acquired.

He has written two technical books on artificial intelligence with O’Reilly Media, Natural Language Processing in the Enterprise and Hands-on Unsupervised Learning Using Python. Today, he teaches AI at the Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) and regularly speaks on applying AI in business at meetups and conferences.
We have
ML Engineers
We've built
Custom LLMs for over 5M end users
We helped clients drive
In revenue and reduce costs by 80%
We need only
2 months
To activate AI Agents

Our Process

We build AI Agents specifically for your complex workflow and offer full, end-to-end support.

We discuss your use case and other unique requirements with your team. We can also help you design a strategy for easier AI integration.
We train AI Agents for your intended use and on your chosen data sources. We can also help you collect and process training data.
We deploy your AI Agent on our platform, which has everything you need to manage it and get maximum value. This includes your databases and a messaging queue.
On-Going AI Support
We help you maintain, monitor, and further improve your AI Agents over time.

Automate Your Complex Workflow

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