20x Faster, 80% Cheaper Healthcare Claims Processing

Reduce claims processing times by 20x with no chance of human errors.

Accelerate Claims Resolution

Drastically speed up your claims settlement process, reduce wait times, and improve customer satisfaction.

Optimize Resource Allocation

Move your staff from repetitive claims processing tasks to more strategic roles, improving their productivity and job satisfaction.

Follow Healthcare Regulations

Keep your healthcare organization legal. AI Agents are compliant with all relevant regulations, including HIPAA and the ACA.

Lower Costs

Cut the time spent on routine claims processing tasks by up to 97% - and achieve massive savings on overhead expenses.

Exceptional Accuracy

Accurately process all your claims with no chance of human error getting in the way.

Stay Ahead In the Industry

Keep up with competitors who have already integrated AI into their claims processing operations.

Customer Statistics

Cost reduction
We worked with Direct Mortgage Corp to automate their mortgage application process. Document AI now handles 200+ document types for them, reducing their costs by 80% per processed document.
Increase in client user base
On average, our clients gained 40x more users after integrating AI Agents into their systems.
Workflow automation
Our AI Agents help clients automate 80-97% of their workflows. This is called SuperAutomation.

Use Cases

AI Agents can automate your entire claims processing workflow.

Automate Claims Data Extraction

Automatically extract patient and treatment data from various claims documents into the right fields.

We customize Document AI to understand your specific data structure before implementation.
Reduce manual processing and adjustments
Lower the chance of errors and missed details to 0%
Boost operational productivity

Make Optimal Claims Processing Decisions

Cross-reference and analyze claim data against policy terms to process claims with high efficiency and accuracy.

Decision AI is tailored to align with your specific policy criteria and decision-making protocols.
Accelerate the decision-making process for claims
Minimize the risk of incorrect claim adjudications
Ensure adherence to policy  guidelines and regulatory compliance

Instant Access to Patient and Claims Records

Database AI fetches data from your records upon request by healthcare professionals or patients.

It delivers the information in easily understandable conversational language.
Improve employee and client support
Get immediate, data-driven answers
Easily retain and access in-house knowledge

Provide Superior Employee and Customer Support

Conversational AI and Database AI address queries from healthcare staff and patients using data from your records and databases.

They turn it into natural language responses to provide instant answers.
Improve the level of support for staff and patients
Simplify the management and retrieval of critical healthcare information
Effectively manage key healthcare information

Optimize Your Claims Processing Workflows

See how AI handles your claims processing workflows with precision and accuracy.

Latest Generative AI

Large language models (LLMs) are the brains behind our AI Agents. They help them replicate human thinking skills and understand natural language.

Custom LLM Training

We train our AI Agents on your documents and data, so they’re ready to handle your claims processing tasks as soon as you adopt them.

Multimodal Platform

With our platform, you can manage AI Agents through a chat interface, connect them with your databases, and maximize their value for your business.

See Automated Claims Processing in Action

Get your tailored AI agent in only 6 to 8 weeks to focus on delivering exceptional patient care.


What is healthcare claims processing?

Healthcare claims processing is the procedure healthcare providers follow to get payment from a health insurance company for the medical services rendered to a patient. This process involves:

- Verifying insurance coverage
- Submitting claims with standardized medical codes
- Managing reimbursements

How do AI Agents help deal with challenges that healthcare providers face in medical claims processing?

AI agents can help deal with the common issues that many health insurance companies and healthcare providers face in the following ways:

‍- Handling an overwhelming amount of medical claims data: Your AI Agent is designed to handle large volumes of data, so it reduces the burden on healthcare providers.
- Ensuring data accuracy: AI uses advanced algorithms that are adept at identifying and correcting errors by cross-referencing claim details with a vast database of medical codes and insurance guidelines
- Dealing with complex insurance guidelines: The AI Agent is programmed to understand and keep up-to-date with complex insurance guidelines and policies. This lets it adjust to any changes in the guideline
- Managing denied claims: AI helps reduce claim denials by ensuring each claim is accurately coded and all necessary documentation is correct.
- Keeping up with changes in medical codes can be daunting in the medical claims process: Since the AI agent can adapt to changes, it continuously learns and updates itself with the latest medical codes

How can AI Agents benefit healthcare providers with claims processing?

Healthcare claims processing software can benefit an insurance company and healthcare provider by automating routine tasks, ensuring accuracy in data entry, and speeding up the claims submission process. It can also help track the status of claims and manage payments more effectively while maintaining exceptional accuracy.

What are Generative AI Agents?

Generative AI Agents are digital knowledge workers. In contrast to earlier AI systems, Generative AI has the ability to process and produce data, including letters of settlement for claims and Explanation of Benefits (EOB) forms.

How do AI Agents impact the patient experience in healthcare claims processing?

AI Agents can positively impact the patient experience by speeding up the claims processing time and helping health insurance companies quickly deal with each medical claim. It also reduces the likelihood of claim denials, which can enhance patient satisfaction with their healthcare provider and insurer.

How do AI Agents address medical coding errors in claims?

AI systems are equipped to detect and correct medical coding errors by cross-referencing codes with standardized medical databases. This ensures that claims are processed accurately, reducing the risk of denials due to coding inaccuracies.

Can I see how automated claims processing works before placing an order?

Yes, you can schedule a free demo here, and we will get back to you when we can.
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