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September 6, 2023

10 Apps Based On Large Language Models For Organizations

Discover the transformative power of LLM-based apps in changing how businesses operate and if pre-made apps are truly the right choice.
10 Apps Based On Large Language Models For Organizations

Key Takeaways:

  • Various pre-made apps offer businesses solutions to improve efficiency at various tasks, ranging from text generation to coding assistance.
  • Apps like Jasper and Grammarly are particularly useful for content creation because they make the writing process more efficient while improving writing quality. 
  • The opportunity for international collaboration increases significantly with the high-accuracy translator from DeepL.
  • Customer interactions can be fully automated using high-quality voice assistants from PolyAI that can handle customer inquiries 24/7.
  • Businesses can improve the productivity and efficiency of their meetings by using a meeting transcription app like Fireflies AI.
  • Pre-made apps offer general functionalities but aren’t suitable for businesses that need a more specific solution since pre-made apps offer limited customization. 

How Can Organizations Benefit From Large Language Models?

From automating customer interactions to generating marketing content, large language models (LLMs) are reshaping how businesses operate in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. 

Let’s explore some of the most prominent app-based LLMs that cover various applications. 

1. CustomGPT

CustomGPT, an advanced writing assistant released in 2023, can efficiently produce human-like text.

CustomGPT assists with writing in more ways than just content generation. It can expand upon basic drafts or outlines by adding depth and detail with its ability to understand natural language. Moreover, CustomGPT has grammar-checking and paraphrasing capabilities to further assist with writing. 

Consequently, CustomGPT is useful for marketing teams looking for a powerful tool for creating content in a shorter amount of time. Some use cases include:

  • Blog content
  • Generating ideas
  • Social media posts
  • Website copy

Consistently creating content is a common issue for businesses. With CustomGPT’s rapid text generation, businesses can ensure they remain at the forefront of their audience’s attention. Moreover, consistent content creation has a positive brand influence and ensures regular audience engagement.  

After getting CustomGPT's tone of voice right, it can create subsequent content to help businesses use a consistent style in every piece created. 

2. Grammarly

Grammarly helps make any text clear and easy to understand. (Source)

Launched in 2009, Grammarly has been established as a premier writing assistant tool. Traditionally, Grammarly focuses on improving writing. It reviews:

  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Clarity
  • Engagement
  • Delivery

Similar to Jasper, Grammarly is useful in maintaining a positive brand image. Instead of creating content, Grammarly helps produce error-free and clear content. This means employees can spend less time on proofreading and produce content quickly.

Additionally, Grammarly can be used for internal business communications to ensure that the conveyed message is easily understood.

Grammarly has various ways to support these goals. The main one is the real-time grammar checker, which allows for errors to be corrected immediately. Moreover, it offers clarity suggestions to make sentences more concise.

It also allows businesses to input their style guide to get tailored suggestions so that their content matches their brand voice.

However, a generative AI built on the generative pre-trained transformer (GPT-3) LLM called GrammarlyGO was released in April 2023, which can generate and re-write content based on user input. This makes Grammarly a complete package when it comes to content creation for businesses. 

3. Genei

Genei significantly speeds up the research process. (Source

Genei is an intelligent research tool that can summarize articles and decrease research time. Its AI-powered summarization and keyword extraction for PDFs help users quickly locate any crucial information. It also paraphrases any complex ideas, allowing businesses to grasp difficult concepts quickly.

The keyword extractor is handy for businesses focusing on writing content like articles since it helps optimize the article for SEO and reach a wider audience.

This app uses unsupervised self-learning techniques, which refer to methods where the model continues to improve over time by identifying patterns and structures in the data while being given little to no guidance.

Its effectiveness at summarizing comes from its ability to understand the context of a word in the entire document or PDF. 

Other features of Genei include:

  • Multi-document summarization
  • Question answering
  • Paraphrasing
  • Access to GPT-3

Genei streamlines organization during research by providing a system where documents can be stored in folders. With its AI-powered summarization and capabilities, Genei is an efficient app for helping businesses save time throughout the research process.

4. DeepL Translator

The DeepL Translator is more accurate than its competitors. (Source)

Released in 2017, the DeepL Translator is a high-accuracy translator between various languages based on the text input provided. 

DeepL Translator utilizes a subset of machine learning called deep learning, which involves several neural networks. These neural networks are trained on vast amounts of text data to understand and generate translations.

DeepL Translator is reported to outperform its main competitors in terms of translation accuracy in a number of languages. As a result, businesses can effectively communicate with international partners and customers with a reduced risk of miscommunication via inaccurate translations.

This is further supported by DeepL Translator’s support of multiple file types such as .pdf, .docx, and .ppt. Businesses often have different file types when dealing with reports and presentations, increasing the versatility of the DeepL Translator.

Accurate translations are essential for businesses looking to expand globally. Ensuring marketing campaigns and product information are translated accurately helps the business’ message resonate with different target audiences. Moreover, it helps with building trust with global partners and audiences.

Using an efficient AI-powered translator like DeepL also helps save costs by streamlining the process greatly and avoiding additional costs that may be incurred from translation errors in the text prompt.

In addition, businesses are more likely to have opportunities for international collaborations by ensuring that all parties are on the same page regarding agreements or project details. 

5. Talkwalker

Talkwalker lets businesses quickly find feedback about them. (Source)

Talkwalker is a consumer intelligence platform that helps businesses monitor public brand perception.

Features that help with this include social listening, where Talkwalker monitors and analyzes conversations about a brand across the internet. It also helps track and monitor media coverage across any article or publication mentioning the brand. 

Additionally, Talkwalker has tailored solutions for different industries, including financial, technology, healthcare, and others. This means businesses can get relevant solutions to help with effective decision-making.

We mentioned earlier how tools like Jasper and Grammarly enhance brand image by creating consistent content in a suitable style. Talkwalker can be used to further assist with improving brand image by acting on any feedback and addressing any negative aspects that the audience noted.

As a result, Talkwalker is highly effective for gaining audience insights, including which aspects they like or dislike about a business. It can filter through large amounts of data to find relevant information about brand perception that would otherwise be difficult to locate.

Talkwalker also allows businesses to gain a competitive advantage by tracking mentions of their competitors. This helps identify their market position, along with any potential market gaps.

6. GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copliot is an AI coding assistant released in 2021, designed to make the coding process more efficient by providing suggestions on new lines of code and how to improve existing code. 

It’s been trained on billions of lines of code from various repositories, which means it can solve various coding problems. It analyzes the context of the code entered by the user and provides real-time suggestions based on its training data, making it ideal for complex tasks involving code.

Moreover, GitHub Copilot supports numerous programming languages. It works best with:

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Ruby
  • Go

GitHub Copilot can also understand other languages and frameworks. It serves as a useful means of writing new code, quickly finding the right syntax, and reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks. While other apps like Jasper specialize in text completion, GitHub Copilot specializes in code completion. 

Additionally, GitHub Copilot can assist with documentation by automatically generating comments to make the code easier to follow with the provided explanations. 

However, not all the suggestions provided by GitHub Copilot are correct, resulting in inefficient or buggy code. This means that users must check the suggestions carefully, as GitHub Copilot is still prone to errors despite being trained on billions of lines of code. 

7. Poly AI

PolyAI’s voice assistants achieve higher accuracy than their competitors. (Source)

Poly AI creates voice assistants for customer service applications using conversational AI technology.

These voice assistants are designed to understand customer queries and resolve any issues in a natural conversational experience. As a result, businesses are able to automate their customer calls while still ensuring the customer service experience is top-quality. This means employees can focus on more complex tasks instead.

Additionally, one huge benefit for businesses using PolyAI’s voice assistants is that they can provide customer service 24/7, whenever customers require it. This improves customer satisfaction as any waiting in the process is eliminated.  

The Poly AI platform also captures and analyzes data from customer interactions, which provides businesses with critical insights. These insights can help make improvements to marketing strategies and product development.

Poly AI also collaborates with businesses to create voice assistants that are tailored to the organization’s specific needs, ensuring the voice assistant aligns with the brand’s identity and objectives. It’s also important to note that these custom voice assistants can be deployed within 6 weeks, so businesses can start benefiting from the technology relatively quickly.

8. Algolia

Algolia lets users quickly find their desired search. (Source)

Algolia specializes in AI-powered search and discovery solutions for websites. It helps businesses offer a seamless user experience by quickly providing relevant search results.

Algoila is versatile and can be used for a number of applications,  including:

  • Ecommerce product delivery: Algolia lets users quickly locate products via its efficient search for ecommerce platforms.
  • SaaS application search: SaaS applications can integrate with Algolia to improve their search experience for users.
  • Site search: It can also be used to easily explore websites by guiding users to the specific page or content they’re looking for.
  • Enterprise and workplace search: Businesses can use Algolia within their internal systems, so employees can easily find any specific documents and resources.

Businesses can use Algolia primarily through API access, which allows it to be easily integrated into various tech stacks and platforms. 

Algolia has a dedicated search API that lets users see the displayed results immediately – meaning that conversion rates are likely to increase as users spend less time searching. This is further supported by the various filters that Algolia provides for users to narrow down their search.

Algolia’s effective search methods are a result of semantic search, which uses natural language processing (NLP) to fully understand the meaning of words and phrases to return relevant results.  

9. Grok

Grok simplifies AI and ML usage for IT infrastructure management. (Source)

Grok is a comprehensive AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) solution that helps businesses deal with many of the common problems they face when managing their infrastructure, including long troubleshooting times and rising operational costs.  

The main way in which Grok handles these issues is by leveraging machine learning, Instead of using the traditional approach where vast quantities of historical data are used to train the model, Grok uses unsupervised machine learning to process data in real-time. 

This makes it suitable for realistic situations businesses might find themselves in, allowing Grok’s unsupervised machine learning models to learn and adapt quickly.

Moreover, this approach also helps the model identify any patterns in the data, which lets it recognize any unusual traffic spikes and determine if the server’s behavior is typical. It can also filter through a lot of noise and focus on important problems.

Grok greatly simplifies AI and machine learning so that businesses that aren’t experts in these areas can still effectively apply the models to their infrastructure management. It also encourages teams to work more efficiently by providing a holistic view of the entire IT infrastructure on a single platform. 

Additionally, Grok allows businesses to quickly detect any service-impacting events that might occur in the future and prevent them from affecting the customer experience.

10. Fireflies

Fireflies lets businesses effectively transcribe their meetings for review. (Source

Fireflies is designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of video meetings. This works for various platforms, such as:

  • Google Meets
  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Webex

As a result, businesses can focus on the discussion that takes place rather than having to worry about taking notes. In addition, the AI-powered search platform allows users to review an entire 1-hour meeting in 5 minutes.

It provides information about tasks, questions, and other key metrics. This lets businesses quickly retrieve essential information from the meeting without listening to it. Fireflies offers analytics to track talk time, sentiment, and monologues.

This helps with internal processes by assisting teams to identify areas for improvement. Fireflies provides users with a means of filtering and listening to specific topics discussed in a meeting.

Moreover, Fireflies creates a self-updating knowledge base from all voice conversations, acting as a central repository for all meeting content that team members can access. It also allows for meetings to be organized by department, making it particularly useful for larger businesses that have multiple departments. 

Should You Use Apps Powered by Large Language Models?

Although we’ve seen the numerous benefits of apps powered by LLMs, it’s important to consider if a pre-made app is the best solution for your business and what the downsides are.

Apps like Grammarly and Genei have varied functionalities but are designed for a broader audience. While pre-made apps typically offer a one-size-fits-all solution, their extensive features may not be suitable for the specific requirements of your business. Moreover, pre-made apps have limited customization, making them unsuitable if your organization’s needs change while scaling up.

Moreover, apps like GitHub Copilot occasionally provide incorrect outputs or suggestions. As a result, relying entirely on pre-made apps could lead to costly mistakes if humans don’t check their output.

Data privacy is another issue regarding pre-made apps, as some apps may use personal information as training data. Using a customized solution rather than a pre-made LLM can help avoid this problem with LLMs in general.

We Tailor Large Language Models to Your Needs

LLMs have undeniable value in today’s landscape, from assisting with content creation to code completion. However, pre-made apps aren’t able to fulfill specialized requirements.

From generating content that aligns with your brand’s tone to automating specific workflows unique to your situation, custom LLMs offer the depth and specificity that pre-made apps might miss.

Ready to harness the power of custom LLMs for your organization? Contact us to learn how we can develop a custom LLM solution that aligns with your business objectives.

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