Text Classification For the Custom Categories You Need

Custom large language models (LLMs) help organize your unstructured text into a perfectly tagged dataset, allowing you to draw insights like never before.

Unlock the full potential of your text data.

Custom Classifications
Automatically classify any text based on custom criteria, like the author’s intent, sentiment, emotional tone, or any other variable that matters.
Automatic In-Depth Insights
Draw valuable insights from free-form data, like customer reviews or influencers’ posts, so you can quickly make the best decisions for your organization.
Enhanced Pattern Discovery
Never overlook crucial details again. Leverage advanced machine learning to unearth subtle patterns and connections in data that human analysts may miss.
Mass Classification
Classify vast amounts of information in a matter of minutes – so you can quickly move on to other important tasks and maximize your productivity.

Meaningful insights remain buried within unorganized data.

Average organizations analyze less than 40% of their data largely because they collect more information than they can manage. The truth is: modern employees and decision-makers can’t prioritize data organization and analysis. In order to stay on top of their long to-do lists, they need to quickly move from one task to another.

So they often end up shoving valuable data into various folders with little systematization and thought. They do intend to revisit it – but they rarely have the time to. In most cases, the data becomes forgotten and left to gather dust.

It’s time we empower organizations to make data-driven decisions. 

We believe that every organization should be able to make data-driven decisions that benefit them – and rapid text analysis is key in bringing that vision to life. Large language models can help us make that a reality.

Unlike any previous models, large language models can accurately analyze texts written in human language, draw insights from them, and classify them – even when the correct classification wouldn’t be obvious to human experts. Plus, they can do so in a fraction of the time.
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Built For You

Custom text classification models yield the highest accuracy.

We develop custom LLMs for specific use cases, like classifying particular types of text.
We train LLMs on curated domain-specific datasets, such as conversation transcripts or your internal enterprise documents.
Custom text classification models are more accurate than generic models. Generic models are generalists, not specialists, and may not perform well on specific tasks such as text classification.

To overcome this challenge, we customize large language models for specific use cases and domains using curated datasets. Custom models provide reliable classification, reducing the need for double-checking.


Explore the benefits of text classification
powered by large language models.
Increased Productivity: Classify any type of text and draw meaningful insights faster than ever before.
Easier Retrieval: Stop wasting time searching for information – find what you need in a matter of seconds.
Improved Data Understanding: Unearth hidden patterns and connections in data that you may miss otherwise.

Text Classification Use Cases

Large language models can be customized for any text classification use case, but here’s how your business may want to leverage them.
Spam vs. non-spam classification
Customer Reviews
Sentiment classification (positive, negative, neutral, etc.) 
User Generated Posts
Emotion classification (anger, sadness, happiness, etc.)
News Articles
Topic classification (politics, sport, entertainment, etc.)
Influencer Data
Suitability classification (based on audience demographics, engagement level, content type, etc.)
Online Ads
Target Audience (based on interests, demographics, behavior, etc.)

Work with Multimodal.

Find out how Multimodal can help you build custom large language models for your use case and domain.