We’re building a world where every organization can automate manual repetitive tasks, drive product innovation, and unleash human potential with Generative AI.

01 - Backstory

Generative AI continues to prove that machines can do much more than we ever thought possible. It can generate human-like content. It can do accounting. It can even detect fraud, often faster and more accurately than humans.

In fact, there’s virtually no knowledge-based task that Generative AI can’t perform.

However, most organizations have yet to experience the seismic shifts that Generative AI can deliver— such as real workplace automation or groundbreaking product innovation.

02 - Challenge

Some organizations rely on limited, off-the-shelf, ready-made solutions. These solutions require constant human vigilance, falling far short of real automation.

What businesses need is a critical component that will drive true transformation: customization of Generative AI for their specific use cases, purpose-built for them.

03 - Vision

Properly customized, Generative AI can enable organizations to automate complex end-to-end workflows — instead of just marginal parts of their work — as well as develop truly breakthrough products.

We are here to help businesses achieve these goals.

Our strategy relies on extensive customization and a personalized approach that makes Generative AI incomparably more effective and profitable.

04 - Solution

Our solution is threefold.
  • - We fine-tune Generative AI models for intended use cases to boost performance.
  • - We train Generative AI models on company documents and data, boosting the models’ domain-specific knowledge and accuracy.
  • - Finally, we expand the models’ capabilities to allow for more complex use cases. For example, we enable them to fetch real-time data from the Internet or other live data streams.
We then integrate developed solutions — Custom AI Agents — into clients’ systems and provide optional ongoing support. That way, we ensure the solutions work seamlessly in their intended environments.

We currently focus on developing four types of Custom AI Agents.

Document AI

Trained on clients’ unique schema, this Custom AI Agent enables organizations to automatically classify, extract, and normalize data from documents in exactly the fields they need.
John Doe
Pay Stub
Total Pay
Net Pay
Federal Taxes
FICA - Medicare

Workflow AI

Enables automation of complex end-to-end workflows, including high-stakes decision making. If needed, Workflow AI is given full context of clients’ internal databases and external data streams.
Interest Rate
Joanna H.
U.S. Passport
Tax Returns
Pay Stub

Content AI

Empowers organizations to automatically create branded content tailored to their specific goals, audience, and company voice. Its exceptional versatility enables clients to generate any type of writing, from advertisements to books.
Multimodal's text classification boosts marketing analysis, driving data-led strategies for a competitive advantage. 🎯

Product AI

Helps organizations introduce conversational experiences (such as chatbots) and other innovative features (such as semantic search) into their products.
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About Us

Extensive Generative AI customization requires a high level of technical expertise, so we made sure to assemble a global team of experts. Our team consists of experienced NLP, ML, data, and MLOps engineers and researchers, many of whom have prior experience in founding advanced tech startups.

Our founder, Ankur Patel, has already founded and led several successful AI startups, including Glean AI and R-Squared Macro. He also has extensive experience in natural language processing, unsupervised learning, data science, and finance. Some of his accomplishments include working as the lead emerging markets sovereign credit trader for Bridgewater Associates, leading data science efforts for AI firm ThetaRay in NYC, and serving as the vice president of data science at 7Park Data, which was acquired by Vista Equity Partners.

He has written two technical books in artificial intelligence with O’Reilly Media, Natural Language Processing in the Enterprise and Hands-on Unsupervised Learning Using Python. Today, he teaches AI at Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) and regularly speaks on applying AI in business at meetups and conferences.

Our Process

We build Custom AI Agents for your unique use case, whether workplace automation or product innovation.

We talk to your team to understand your use case and other unique requirements.
We develop a Custom AI Agent trained for your intended use and on your chosen data sources. We also help you collect and process training data if needed.
We integrate your Custom AI Agent with your existing systems or products. Alternatively, with Content AI, we can also grant you access to our web app.
On-Going AI Support
We help you maintain, monitor, and optimize your Custom AI Agent if you don’t have an expert in-house team.

Get a Custom AI Agent for Your Business

Get in touch to explore how we can help you transform your business with Custom AI Agents.