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January 16, 2024

CES 2024 Recap: Unveiling the Future of Tech with AI, Digital Health, and Smart Innovations

Explore the trends and highlights from CES 2024. Discover how digital health, AI, and smart tech innovations are shaping industries.
CES 2024 Recap: Unveiling the Future of Tech with AI, Digital Health, and Smart Innovations

CES 2024 (Source)

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 has recently concluded at the west hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, marking another successful event in the world of tech. As the global stage of innovation, CES remains the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. 

This year, the CES event saw over 130000 attendees, over 1200 startups within Eureka Park, and over 4000 exhibitors. 

One of the key highlights was the focus on digital health, demonstrating tools and technologies aimed at:

  • Lowering costs
  • Improving health equities
  • Saving lives

The emphasis on digital health technology reflects a growing trend toward healthcare and wellness solutions in the tech industry. CES 2024 also celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the organization behind CES, highlighting a century of breakthroughs and innovations.

Keynote Highlights

CES 2024 featured an impressive lineup of keynote addresses from global industry leaders, offering insider insights into the technologies shaping the industry.

Here are some of the main highlights:

  1. Siemens Keynote: Siemens CEO Dr. Roland Busch showcased technology that improves how we live, work, move, and make, emphasizing the brand's role in enhancing everyday life.
  2. Consumer Technology Association (CTA) State of the Industry Address and L’Oréal Keynote: The address highlighted how technology helps tackle the world's most pressing problems. L’Oréal CEO Nicolas Hieronimus discussed the role of sustainable, accessible, and inclusive beauty tech in driving positive impact.
  3. CES Keynote Conversations: A session called "Brand Loyalty in the Age of Always On" featured industry leaders discussing the importance of creating brands and products that resonate with consumers for business success. Speakers included Evan Spiegel (Snap), Michael E. Kassan (Media Link), and representatives from McDonald’s, Northwestern Mutual, and Autodesk.
  4. Walmart Keynote: Walmart CEO Doug McMillon shared the company's vision to design and build technology for the next generation of retail.
  5. Intel and Elevance Health Keynotes: Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger discussed the roles of silicon and software in AI accessibility and modern economies. Elevance Health CEO Gail Boudreaux talked about using technology for proactive, predictive, and personalized healthcare.
  6. Human Dynamics (HD) Hyundai Keynote: HD Hyundai CEO Kisun Chung presented tech innovations empowering “Future Builders” to change infrastructure development for a sustainable future.

In addition, CES 2024 featured keynotes from prominent figures like Adena Friedman, the CEO of Nasdaq, and showcased the latest innovations in various sectors including:

  • Digital health
  • Food tech
  • Automotive industry
  • NFT
  • Gaming
  • Smart home technologies

These keynotes provided a comprehensive view of how technology is evolving across various sectors, from retail and beauty to infrastructure and finance, highlighting the diverse impact of tech innovations.

CES 2024 featured many prominent figures in the tech industry. (Source)

Innovative Technologies Showcased

The Innovation Awards showcased various designs and engineering feats in consumer technology products across various categories.

Some notable technologies and gadgets showcased include:

1: Smart Home

  • 10minds - Motionsleep: An innovative smart home product that enhances home automation and user convenience.
Motionsleep aims to improve the sleep experience. (Source)

2: Content & Entertainment, Digital Imaging & Photography

  • 4BY4 - PIXELL (Deep Learning-based Video Quality Enhancer): A groundbreaking technology enhancing video quality, showcasing digital imaging and entertainment advancements.

3: Digital Health

  • Abbott - AVEIR™ Dual Chamber (DR) Leadless Pacemaker System: A significant innovation in the Digital Health category, reflecting the growing trend of integrating advanced technology in healthcare.
  • ADDPLUS - HiiTCHECK: Another notable entry in digital health, emphasizing the importance of technology in modern healthcare solutions.

4: Computer Hardware & Components

  • Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) - AMD Ryzen 7040U Series Mobile Processors: Representing the latest in computer hardware, these processors highlight the continuous evolution in computing power and efficiency.
The new AMD 7040U Series Mobile processor was announced at CES 2024. (Source)

These products represent just a glimpse of the innovative technologies unveiled at CES 2024, as the event showed advancements across various sectors like artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), robotics, and more.

Trends and Themes

Three major trends stood out at CES 2024, reflecting the evolving landscape of technology and its impact on consumers and businesses.

1: AI Integration in Products

AI has become a key feature in various products, with companies leveraging generative AI to enhance user experiences. This trend includes products automatically translating audio and text between languages, TV hardware that improves upscaling low-resolution content, and time-saving automation in everyday products.

Integrating AI into various products isn’t just a technological advancement - it’s also a reflection of the growing demands for smarter and more efficient solutions in everyday life. This trend will likely continue, with AI becoming more pervasive across multiple sectors.

2: Advancements in VR, AR, and XR

Despite the metaverse’s lukewarm reception, extended reality is gaining momentum. This surge is partially due to Apple’s Vision Pro announcement, which aims to further enhance immersion.

New hardware in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is expected, including headsets using Qualcomm’s new XR2+ Gen2 VR chip and sensor advancements. These technologies are increasingly being used in multiple industries, from healthcare to design. 

These advancements highlight a shift toward giving consumers a more immersive experience. As a result, this trend is set to change entertainment and professional fields, offering new ways to engage with digital content and perform tasks.

3: Innovations in Television Technology

Televisions have reclaimed a central role in tech innovation, with significant advancements in display technology. 

Innovations in organic light emitting diode (OLED), Mini-LED, and Laser TV projectors enhance content consumption. The introduction of affordable 100-inch TVs marks a new era in home entertainment, suggesting a future where large-scale, high-quality viewing experiences become more accessible to the average consumer.

Transparent microLEDs were shown at CES 2024. (Source)

The innovations in television technology, particularly with the introduction of larger but more affordable televisions, show a consumer desire for more immersive home entertainment experiences. This development might change the home entertainment market by making large-scale, high-quality watching events more common.

Startups and Disruptors

Startups and new companies played a significant role in showcasing innovative technologies and disruptive approaches.

Advancements in Accessibility Tech

For advancements in accessibility tech, startups like Boston-based GyroGear introduced assistive technologies like a hand-stabilizing glove for Parkinson’s patients. Dutch startup Whispp used AI for real-time voice translation for people with vocal impairments, and OrCam introduced devices to help those with hearing loss. 

Robooter’s electric foldable wheelchair aims to help with mobility. (Source)

Inter-Device Connections and AI Integration

In terms of inter-device connections and AI integration, many startups have been focused on using software and AI to enhance the integration between:

  • Smart devices
  • Homes
  • Vehicles

For example, Samsung emphasized its “AI for All” slogan, integrating smart home devices for unified task performance.

Samsung’s new vision at their CES 2024 booth - “AI for All”. (Source)

Innovations in Vehicle Technology

CES 2024 showcased a range of new electric vehicles, hydrogen engines, and mobility advances. Honda introduced concept cars for a new global electric vehicle (EV) series, and Kia presented modular electric vans. Vietnam-based VinFast revealed an electric truck concept, while Bosch Mobility and Hyundai focused on hydrogen as an energy solution.

VinFast’s VF Wild Pickup Concept Truck. (Source)

Kitchen and Home Innovations

Startups introduced a range of new kitchen gadgets to simplify cooking and food preparation. 

Innovations include:

  • GE’s indoor smoke food technology
  • Brisk’s smart grill powered by generative AI
  • ColdSnap’s quick ice cream machine.
  • Aira’s FreePower countertop charger
Aira’s FreePower can turn any countertop into a charger, including kitchen surfaces. (Source)

Industry Impact

New technologies showcased at CES 2024 will have broad applications in different devices, from laptops to wireless monitors.

Generative AI Integration

Generative AI has become a central feature in tech products, with applications in laptops and retail platforms. For instance, Windows 11 laptops from Dell and others now feature a dedicated button for Microsoft’s AI assistant. 

This integration of AI into everyday devices is set to change user interaction, offering more personalized and efficient experiences. Businesses can leverage this technology for enhanced customer engagement and improved operations.

Advancements in Connectivity

The emphasis on inter-device communication, as seen in Samsung's smart home products and Hyundai's partnership for "home-to-car" services, demonstrates a trend toward a more integrated electronic environment. 

This connectivity allows for more seamless user experiences and offers new opportunities for organizations to build integrated solutions across several platforms and devices.

Innovative Productivity Gadgets

The Rabbit R1, a handheld generative AI-based device, exemplifies the trend towards gadgets that enhance productivity by automating tasks. These innovations could reshape how businesses approach task management and customer service, potentially replacing traditional apps and interfaces.

RabbitR1 was showcased at CES 2024 and sold out 10000 units, indicating high demand. (Source)

3D and Wireless Monitors

Lenovo's introduction of a 3D monitor that quickly transforms 2D images into 3D content could significantly change the creation process for creative professionals. Samsung's cable-free multi-monitor setup, which won CES 2024 Best of Innovation, points towards a future of more flexible and efficient workspace setups.

Wi-Fi 7 Proliferation

The rollout of Wi-Fi 7 certifications significantly boosts data throughput, which is key for applications like VR. This advancement has a high chance of accelerating the adoption of VR in various industries, from design to training.

Future Outlook

It’s exciting to see the innovations and breakthroughs of CES 2024, but it’s important to think about the trends that will shape future CES events and the tech industry as a whole.

Here are some of the key trends and predictions we could see:

  • Greater AI Integration and Ethical Considerations: AI is expected to become even more integrated into various technologies, leading to more personalized and efficient user experiences. Additionally, ethical considerations and regulations around AI use will likely to become more prominent.
  • Expansion of IoT and Smart Technologies: The Internet of Things (IoT) and smart technology will continue to expand, leading to more interconnected devices and systems in homes and public spaces.
  • Advancements in Health Tech: Digital health and wellness technologies are expected to grow, with more innovations aimed at personal health monitoring, telemedicine, and accessible healthcare solutions.
  • Sustainable Tech Solutions: As environmental concerns remain paramount, future CES events will likely showcase more eco-friendly and sustainable tech solutions, focusing on energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, and sustainable materials.
  • Evolution of VR/AR and Metaverse: Virtual and augmented reality technologies are set to evolve, potentially becoming more mainstream. This could also lead to further developments in the metaverse concept, blending digital and physical realities.
  • Emergence of New Tech Frontiers: Areas like quantum computing, space technology, and biotechnology might emerge as new frontiers in tech, offering groundbreaking possibilities.
Midbar’s Airfarm is an inflatable farm that produces food in any location. (Source)

Looking Forward

CES 2024 has once again proven to be a pivotal event in the tech world, showcasing various innovations that will drastically impact many industries.

From the significant strides in digital health aiming to make healthcare more accessible and efficient to the integration of AI across various platforms enhancing user experiences, this year's event has highlighted the rapid pace of technological advancement. 

As we reflect on the key takeaways and anticipate the next wave of innovations, it's clear that the future of technology is not just about new gadgets and systems but about creating a more efficient and sustainable world. 

As we look forward to CES 2025, the impact and advancements showcased at CES 2024 set the stage for continued innovation and technological development in various industries.

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