February 28, 2024

Get Interviewed on Our Podcast Live From InsurTech Spring NYC

Attention, InsurTech attendees: we want to interview you on our podcast.
Get Interviewed on Our Podcast Live From InsurTech Spring NYC
UPDATE: March 20 is fully booked! If you want to book an interview (or a one-on-one meeting), please select March 21.

If you are attending InsurTech on March 20-21, we’d love for you to join us live for a quick, 15-minute interview.

We’ll feature it on our podcast series, Pioneers, which we distribute across our socials, website, and newsletter and share with 4K+ regular listeners, viewers, and readers.

Get more details below or immediately book a slot that works for you. Someone from our team will get back to you to help you prepare as soon as possible.

InsurTech Special On Our Podcast

We are hosting a special, ‘traveling’ episode of our Pioneers podcast live from InsurTech. 

During it, we'll interview multiple high-profile attendees about their experience with Generative AI. Our guests will get a platform and opportunity to share what matters to them with our listeners, viewers, and readers. 

If you have 15 minutes on March 21 and want to share your thoughts on our podcast, please schedule your best time below or email We will work with you in advance to prepare our Q&A. No surprises or gimmicks.

About Pioneers

Pioneers is an immersive content series probing the intricate applications of AI in high-stakes industries like insurance, banking, and healthcare. It aims to showcase modern use cases of how AI is revolutionizing key industries, how it’s being implemented, and its real-time effects on businesses.

Think of it as "Masters of Scale" but for visionaries, pioneers, and enthusiasts in the ever-evolving AI-for-business space. 

  • Across our socials, our content has reached over 175,000 viewers/listeners in the first 90 days. 
  • Our newsletter has grown to over 2.6K subscribers with a 33.8% open rate and 15% click-through-rate.

About Us & Why We Are Attending 

Multimodal is a Generative AI company focused on automating complex workflows that require human-like intelligence, expertise, and adaptability. 

These are especially common in high-stakes industries, like insurance, where it’s impossible to define all tasks and desired outcomes with one-size-fits-all rules. Such sectors require flexible systems that can adjust to unique cases on the fly and learn and evolve with new data.

That’s why, here, traditional rule-based automation usually leads to underwhelming results. 

We believe that Generative AI offers the perfect solution for these challenges thanks to its advanced machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities. 

These allow Generative AI to understand the overall context and intent of different tasks, adjust to them, and make decisions similar to experienced professionals - as well as continuously improve its performance. 

By attending InsurTech, we aim to help insurance companies understand how Generative AI is different from any traditional solution they might’ve tried and how it can help them automate a massive 97% of knowledge tasks.

Book Your Interview Now

If you're up for a quick, 15-minute interview on March 21, please schedule a slot that works for you here or email We'll contact you ASAP to help you prepare. We are looking forward to meeting you.

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