February 29, 2024

AI Adoption Strategies: Buy, Build or Partner

Explore the complexities surrounding AI integration within organizations with insights from leading AI experts.
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Ankur Patel
Founder & CEO, Multimodal
Suzanne Rabicoff
Founder, The Pie Grower
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Explore the decision-making process behind AI adoption with Ankur Patel and Suzanne Rabicoff. Gain insights into the strategic rationales for investing in off-the-shelf AI solutions, developing bespoke AI systems in-house, and brokering strategic partnerships. Discover how to navigate critical trade-offs such as time to market, scalability, flexibility, data security, compliance, resource allocation, innovative prowess, competitive positioning, and long-term strategic fit.
what you'll learn

Time to Market

Learn how to optimize your AI adoption strategy to minimize time to market while ensuring quality and efficiency.

Scalability and Flexibility

Understand the considerations and best practices for scaling AI solutions and ensuring flexibility to adapt to evolving needs.

Data Security and Compliance:

Explore strategies for maintaining robust data security measures and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
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