January 24, 2024

AI Automation in Underwriting: Improving Risk Assessment Processing

In this webinar, we discuss how AI can automate underwriting — one of the most difficult-to-automate jobs out there.
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Ankur Patel
Founder & CEO @ Multimodal
Nathan Lian
Strategic Advisor @ Multimodal
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Underwriting is tricky for many reasons. It’s a high-stakes job. It also requires careful consideration of often hundreds of data points at once, from current economic factors to applicant profiles. Most importantly, it requires higher cognitive skills — such as reasoning, critical thinking, and judgment. That’s why many businesses question if (and how) AI could automate it. This webinar will shed some light on this topic. You’ll also get actionable advice on how to decide if you should implement it in your business and, if so, what are the key things to consider.
what you'll learn

Understanding AI’s Role in Underwriting

How is AI reshaping traditional underwriting processes? What efficiencies and improvements are being realized?
Which underwriting tasks are being automated first? What does the journey toward full AI integration look like?

Optimizing Risk Assessments

How is customer data safeguarded in AI-driven underwriting? What are the privacy implications of cloud vs. SaaS based AI solutions?
What strategies are effective in reducing AI hallucinations? How can these ensure more reliable and accurate outputs in your AI systems?

Preparing for the Future

What strategies can companies employ to prepare their workforce for AI-driven underwriting? How does this shift job roles and responsibilities?
What are the upcoming trends in AI that companies need to be ready for, and how can they leverage these for operational and revenue growth?
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