Reduce Health Insurance Costs by 80% Using AI Automation

Accelerate health insurance claims and policy approvals by 20x with no human errors.
“I could not be happier with where we are right now. It's by far a net positive for us, and I don't see that journey really slowing down. (...) Being able to go from three and a half hours to 45 minutes while quality goes up is unbelievable.”
Byron Matthews
CEO @ Talent Inc.
“Nobody is doing what we’re doing with Multimodal, not even close."
Jim Beech
CEO @ Direct Mortgage Corp.

Simplify Enrollment

Our AI helps your users fill out application forms, verify eligibility, and more, faster.

Optimize Health Plan Selection

Tailor health plans to each client’s workforce Cover everything from mental health to chronic care services.

Stay Compliant

Our automation solutions follow all relevant-to-you regulations, like HIPAA and ACA.

Accelerate Claims Processing

Speed up claims processing by 20x to ensure timely reimbursements and happier clients.

Enhance Policy Pricing

AI analyzes risk factors and market trends to refine policy pricing and help you attract customers.

Boost Customer Support

Offer personalized health insurance guidance and minimize customer wait times.

Customer Statistics

Faster application approval process
Our AI Agents process 200+ document types for Direct Mortgage Corp, massively reducing client wait times.
Increase in client user base
On average, our clients gained 40x more users after integrating AI Agents into their systems.
Workflow automation
Our AI Agents help clients automate 80-97% of their workflows. We call this SuperAutomation.

Use Cases

Automate your end-to-end health insurance workflows.

Automate Health Insurance Document Processing

Efficiently extract crucial data into your desired fields with a single click.

Document AI sifts through applications to pull out patient information, medical history, and previous claims to automate data extraction.
Enhance patient data management
Reduce document processing time
Eliminate manual data entry and human error

Enhance Health Insurance Decision-Making

Improve evaluation of policy applications, renewals, and claims adjustments.

Decision AI analyzes hundreds of data points, like policy coverage terms and patient eligibility, to help you make data-driven decisions.
Accelerate the review process
Reduce incorrect coverage decisions
Comply with healthcare regulations

Access Essential Policyholder and Applicant Data

Answer customer and employee queries in seconds using in-house data.

Database AI searches your databases to find answers and transforms raw data into natural-language responses in a chat-like interface.
Increased customer satisfaction by providing quick, data-driven responses
Easily retain and access in-house knowledge
Instant verification outcomes

Improve Policyholder and Applicant Support

Leverage unstructured documents like medical records and  claims submissions to provide client and employee support.

Conversational AI analyzes free-form data to extract insights and send them back to users in the form of natural language responses.
Boost client and staff support
Quickly gain insights from unstructured documents
Accelerate health claims resolution

Accelerate Your Health Insurance Workflows

See what makes AI Agents different from off-the-shelf health insurance solutions.

Latest Generative AI

AI Agents use the best large language models (LLMs) to replicate human thinking skills and interpret natural language.

Custom LLM Training

We train our AI Agents on your data and for your workflow so they can immediately handle your health insurance tasks.

Multimodal Platform

With our platform, you can manage AI Agents through a chat interface, connect them with your databases, and maximize their value for your business.

See Health Insurance Automation in Action

See how our AI Agents work in a free, 30-minute consultation.


How does AI improve the underwriting process in health insurance?

AI improves the underwriting process by using advanced algorithms to sift through vast amounts of data, including medical histories and risk assessments, more effectively than human underwriters. It allows for faster and more precise policy customization that closely aligns with individual health needs.

Can AI improve claims processing efficiency in the health insurance industry?

AI significantly speeds up claims operations by using natural language processing (NLP) to automate data entry and quickly evaluate claims against policy terms, a process known as claims adjudication. This enhances customer experience by reducing the wait times for claims settlements and offering improved accuracy.

Is AI better than RPA for health insurance automation?

AI is better than robotic process automation (RPA) thanks to its human-level thinking skills, letting it perform complex processes like eligibility checks and claims handling. RPA lacks these advanced capabilities and is more suited for automating routine tasks.

How do AI and machine learning contribute to cost savings for health insurance companies?

AI and machine learning lower costs for health insurance companies by improving fraud detection and claims management. They analyze data to spot fraud and forecast claims, helping insurers accurately set aside money and avoid excess payouts. Also, they automate routine work like data entry and policy management, letting health insurance companies reduce the costs of mundane tasks.
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