AI-Powered Contract Processing Automation

Automate your contract processing workflow with just one advanced tool. Custom LLMs can handle almost any task for you, from finding relevant
legal references to generating unique contract clauses from scratch.
100% Accurate
99% Automated

Custom large language models are the only contract processing solution that perfectly adapts to your and your clients’ needs.

Mass upload existing contracts
or other relevant documents
extracts key information
analyzes contract clauses
finds relevant legal references
generates new clauses
assesses potential risks
extracts key information

Next-generation contract processing solutions


Generate personalized contracts for each client

Personalize generic templates in seconds or generate new contracts for each client using advanced, generative AI functions.

Simply load relevant documentation, give the model specific instructions if needed, and get unique, ready-to-use clauses in seconds.
Personalize NDAs with custom confidentiality, duration, or obligation scopes
Generate unique SLAs outlining specific services, performance metrics, and remedies
Create custom employment contracts for different job roles and industries
Customize any other type of contract to each client’s needs, jurisdiction, and industry
Employment Contract
From our CEO
James W.
Samantha T.

Automatically process any relevant document from start to finish

Validate, solidify, and prepare existing contracts for easy future use – or process other documents that help you enhance contract quality or reinforce your case.
Convert scanned documents or images to searchable digital formats
Data Extraction
Extract key data from contracts and other documents, such as contract clauses, case laws, or relevant precedents
Data Analysis
Identify potential risks with contract clauses, common dispute issues, and more
Anything Else
Store client documentation or contracts for easy retrieval, generate custom reports, or almost any other task in your workflow
Employment Contract
From our CEO
James W.
Samantha T.
Risk Level
Dispute Issues
Scan Document
Perfect Outcome

Transform contract data into actionable insights

Don’t settle for solutions that only extract data you need to interpret yourself. Let your custom LLM do the heavy lifting, and get ready-to-act insights on demand.
Compliance insights
Analyze legal and regulatory requirements, evaluate adherence, and avoid costly penalties
Contract trends insights
Get a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, emerging contract practices, and industry-specific trends
Miscellaneous insights
Get any other relevant insight, such as insights about potential legal risks or contract performance
Some input text would go right here about something.
Employment Contract
From our CEO
James W.
Samantha T.
Market Dynamics
Cost Risk
New Trends

How it works

Learn how we customize large language models for your unique contract processing needs.

We talk to your team to understand your use case and other unique requirements.
We train the model using your existing contracts and on your desired tasks, so they perfectly fit your needs.
We integrate the model into your other systems, like CRM or ERP software, so you can streamline your workflow.

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Learn more about large language models for contract processing

What are large language models?
Large language models are deep learning algorithms that can understand, extract, summarize, and generate text. Learn more here.
Which large language models do you use?
We always use the best available large language models on the market, like MT-NLG, GPT-4, Jurassic-1-Jumbo, and others. The one we’ll use for your use case depends on your requirements. We’ll choose the model that best suits them, so you can spend minimal resources on additional training.
How accurate are large language models?
Large language models are extremely accurate. No other currently available tech solution can match their level of understanding of human language. This enables them to process and extract text data with unparalleled precision, often exceeding human abilities.
Are large language models more accurate than humans?
Not necessarily. However, they do have several advantages over humans. For example, they never get tired or distracted and always make decisions based on data-driven algorithms. This allows them to consistently perform with a high level of accuracy.
Can I see how automated contract processing works before purchasing?
Of course. Schedule a free demo here. 
With which systems can large language models be integrated?
They can be integrated with any system, from ERP and CRM to document management software.
What if I need more technical support?
We’re at your disposal during the entire development process and can provide support on an ongoing basis.