Integrates with any platform

AI-Powered HR Document Automation

Automatically process or generate any document you need to onboard and offboard employees, verify identity data, and so much more.
Processes documents in any language
Automates 99% of your workflow

Automate all document tasks with an LLM that understands HR jargon, your workflow, and organizational goals.

Send HR documents
to your LLM
analyzes resumes
extracts key talent data
verifies talent data
generates contracts and guides
analyzes performance data
analyzes resumes
HR documents processes

Next-generation HR document processing solutions


Generate HR documents from scratch, not generic templates

Generic templates can’t meet your unique organizational needs.

Adapt them to your requirements or generate documents from scratch with advanced generative AI – and maximize clarity, accuracy, and legal compliance.

Simply route relevant documents to your LLM, give more specific instructions if needed, and get custom HR documents in seconds.
Employment contracts and offer letters
Employee handbooks and performance reviews
Termination letters and absence reports
Any other HR document, including compliance documents and NDA agreements
Employment Contract
James W.
Samantha T.

Automate HR operations with just one tool

Stop switching between multiple different tools.

Automate all HR operations with a single, custom LLM, and increase your productivity while minimizing manual work.
Data extraction
Extract key data from any document, including contracts, performance reviews, and employee surveys
Data analysis
Analyze performance data, employee benefits information, and more
Data classification
Classify documents according to type, purpose, confidentiality level, or any other variable
Anything Else
Generate custom reports and analytics or automate almost any other task in your workflow
Employment Contract
James W.
Samantha T.
Document Purpose
Confidentiality Level
Perfect Outcome

Boost employee satisfaction and performance with smart AI insights

Make better decisions with AI-generated data-driven insights – and discover the easiest way to maximize workforce productivity, improve talent acquisition, and achieve any other HR goal.
Employee insights
Easily interpret employee progress, including their skill development or performance improvement
Recruitment and hiring insights
Turn metrics like time-to-fill or cost-per-hire into meaningful insights
Learn how your benefits packages compare to industry standards, determine adherence to labor laws, and more
Some input text would go right here about something.
Employee Insights
James W.
Samantha T.
Skill Level
Cost Per Hire
Performance Grade

How it works

Learn how we customize large language models for your unique HR document automation needs.

We talk to your team to understand your use case and other unique requirements.
We train the model using your existing contracts and on your desired tasks, so they perfectly fit your needs.
We integrate the model into your other systems, like ATS, HRIS, or LMS, so you can streamline your workflow.

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Learn more about large language models for HR document automation

What are large language models?
Large language models are deep learning algorithms that can understand, extract, summarize, and generate text. Learn more here.
Which large language models do you use?
We always use the best available large language models on the market, like MT-NLG, GPT-4, Jurassic-1-Jumbo, and others. The one we’ll use for your use case depends on your requirements. We’ll choose the model that best suits them, so you can spend minimal resources on additional training.
How accurate are large language models?
Large language models are extremely accurate. No other currently available tech solution can match their level of understanding of human language. This enables them to process and extract text data with unparalleled precision, often exceeding human abilities.
Are large language models more accurate than humans?
Not necessarily. However, they do have several advantages over humans. For example, they never get tired or distracted and always make decisions based on data-driven algorithms. This allows them to consistently perform with a high level of accuracy.
Can I see how HR document automation works before purchasing?
Of course. Schedule a free demo here. 
With which systems can large language models be integrated?
They can be integrated with any system, from learning management or applicant tracking systems to payroll software.
What if I need more technical support?
We’re at your disposal during the entire development process and can provide support on an ongoing basis.