Adapts to your voice, audience, and tasks

AI For Social Media

Automate your workflow with an LLM that understands your brand,
audience, and goals – and doesn’t require hours of editing or supervision.
Integrates with any platform
99% Automated

Your custom large language model will be your 24/7 expert assistant for any social media task.

Route your data to your LLM
analyzes posts and comments
identifies influencers & trends
curates content
generates social media posts
generates responses and comments
analyzes posts and comments
Social media tasks completed

Next-generation AI for social media


Instantly curate relevant content or generate new posts from scratch

Stop wasting time on AI solutions that need your constant supervision and input.

Get an LLM trained for your brand instead – and automatically curate or create perfect content that doesn’t need editing. It takes just a few clicks.
Generate social media posts for any platform
Find and organize curated content your audience wants to see
Generate visuals, including images, animations, and videos

Optimize your strategy with automated data insights

Focus on leveraging your data rather than organizing it. Let your LLM automate every administrative task in your workflow, including:
Data Extraction
Extracting key analytics data, such as engagement metrics or audience demographics
Data Analysis
Analyzing your social media performance, user sentiment, and more
Data Classification
Categorizing social media posts, ideas, or insights according to any important variable
Data Reporting
Generating custom reports that let you see your data at a glance
Perfect Outcome

Easily identify relevant trends, hashtags, and influencers

Unlike most solutions, LLMs can process any text-based data — and help you implement leading growth-boosting strategies faster.
Trend insights
Identify emerging trends, popular topics, and viral content
Hashtag insights
Get instant hashtag suggestions based on your topic
Influencer Insights
Get influencer recommendations based on their profiles, content, followers, and more 
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How it works

Learn how we customize large language models for your unique social media needs.

We talk to your team to understand your use case and other unique requirements.
We train the model using your existing data and on your desired tasks, so they perfectly fit your needs.
We integrate the model into your other systems, like CRM or marketing automation systems, so you can streamline your workflow.

Ready To Get Started?

Get the only AI solution trained for your brand, audience, and tasks – and instantly gain a competitive edge. See how it works today, with no strings attached.

Learn more about large language models for social media

What are large language models?
Large language models are deep learning algorithms that can understand, extract, summarize, and generate text. Learn more here.
Which large language models do you use?
We always use the best available large language models on the market, like MT-NLG, GPT-4, Jurassic-1-Jumbo, and others. The one we’ll use for your use case depends on your requirements. We’ll choose the model that best suits them, so you can spend minimal resources on additional training.
How accurate are large language models?
Large language models are extremely accurate. No other currently available tech solution can match their level of understanding of human language. This enables them to process and extract text data with unparalleled precision, often exceeding human abilities.
Are large language models more accurate than humans?
Not necessarily. However, they do have several advantages over humans. For example, they never get tired or distracted and always make decisions based on data-driven algorithms. This allows them to consistently perform with a high level of accuracy.
Can I see how custom AI for social media works before purchasing?
Of course. Schedule a free demo here. 
With which systems can large language models be integrated?
They can be integrated with any system, from CRM or analytics to marketing automation software.
What if I need more technical support?
We’re at your disposal during the entire development process and can provide support on an ongoing basis.