May 16, 2024

AI-Powered Compliance: Navigating the Future of Regulation

Learn how & why to use AI in your KYC & KYB processes in 60 minutes or less.
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Scot Jamieson
Chief Compliance Officer @ Revolut (AU)
Richard White
Founder @ RJL Solutions
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Non-AI solutions miss the mark when it comes to KYB and KYC. They require tweaking to stay compliant, can have high error rates, and offer limited scalability and customization options. AI fixes this. Find out why, and explore how to implement AI in your financial services compliance.
what you'll learn

How AI automates KYC & KYB

Explore how you can automate KYB and KYC tasks with AI.
Discover the biggest strengths of AI compared to traditional solutions.

The best use cases to automate

Identify the “must-know” limitations and capabilities of Generative AI.
Explore the best use cases to automate with AI.

How to get your desired benefits

Learn exactly how to implement AI to get the benefits you want.
Discover critical things to consider before you implement AI.
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